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We are in the zone... Be it for a new development, repositioning a currently owned asset, or growing your portfolio; we know what questions to ask...

Each property comes with its own set of attributes and challenges. Our professionals can help you enhance your project's attributes and overcome its challenges.

We know what questions to ask... Our overall mission is to engage vision and imagination when appropriate. Radius delivers uncompromising results for its clients. Our team has developed and re-positioned numerous projects.

This experience enables us to select strategic positions and consistently create projects of enduring value that deliver solid financial returns with controlled risk.

It makes us expert planners. And, it helps us understand the perspectives of investors, project teams, and end users so we can smooth out any bumps in the road.

Our professionals will create a plan that captures your vision and revives lost revenue.




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Radius Properties is a unique, full-service real estate company offering experienced team management. Our operating philosophy can be summarized in one word, SERVICE. Our experience and know-how can provide cost-effective management and profitable returns on your property. We manage properties aggressively with an emphasis on immediate results and long-term values.

Each property receives the demanding and high-quality service of our principals. Establishing a comprehensive action plan on each property to provide the optimum professional service. Our Property Management personnel are highly qualified and possess a keen awareness of the dynamic changes in the marketplace with the skills to provide maximum returns to owners.

In this competitive market, it pays having the sophistication, experience, fiscal capability and understanding of the dynamics of real estate management. Owners are assured of personal, quality management with maximum returns, and the best possible position in the market.

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Our development team represents developers with respect to all elements of the real estate development process; including site selection, due diligence, entitlement, acquisition, construction, leasing, and disposition. Our approach is to make practical use of our market knowledge in the development process and engage vision and imagination when appropriate.

We also understand that development is not limited to just finding the site but making sure that the proposed project is positioned to meet a client's investment objectives. We work with cities and public agencies.

Radius Properties possesses market knowledge that includes current and future market trends which may impact property land values and lease rates. Our Development Group is familiar with the terms, verbiage and possible miscommunication hurdles. Our people know the points which are sensitive to an owner and their lender. Our mission is to assist developers/investors in creating the kind of projects that are both desired by tenants and embraced by current community members and officials.

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We take pride in getting to know our clients. We focus on relationships with our clients, rather than delivering individual projects. Developing strong long-term relationships, knowing our client's needs, and how a client wants services delivered is how we do business.

Most companies are simply purveyors of services and do not enlighten, add value, inform, advise, and advocate on behalf of clients. There is not only a definitional difference between the terms customers and clients, but there are also tremendous operational, and philosophical differences between companies who sell customers and those that serve clients.

Many may think of the words client and customer as being interchangeable; the definition of a customer is simply someone that buys goods or services. The term customer is an external reference that puts the emphasis on selling. The definition of a client is someone who is under your care and protection.

Radius places the emphasis on serving. In other words; if you have customers, your goal is to get them to buy something and if you serve clients your goal is to look out for their best interests. We don't merely seek to obtain customers; rather we look to serve clients while building sustainable relationships with clients who value your professional advice based upon the need for our expertise.

Through well-conceived client/professional engagements, Radius builds sustainable relationships with ongoing opportunities for both parties. Built upon a client-centric focus we create loyal client relationships and generate more revenue over the lifecycle of a relationship.